An article in „The Star” about the opening of the first Polish art gallery in Kuala Lumpur. Jacek Mirczak presented his works there together with a group of friends from Poland.

„Biznes z klasą” advises indoor paintings. Jacek Mirczak alongside other recommended artists. The whole article you can find here: „Wnętrze z charakterem. Sztuka wkracza do przestrzeni prywatnych”.

The presence of works by Jacek Mirczak in the offer of the Xanadu Gallery and Auction House at the Warsaw Art Fair 2017 is mentioned by a painter and actor Jacek Sikora.

„Rynek i sztuka” o wystawie about the exhibition by Jacek Mirczak entitled „When I stand by and listen” at Milano Gallery in Warsaw in April 2016.

Qadrans Qltury and the mention of Jacek Mirczak’s exhibition at m4gallery entitled „151022” in October 2015 in Warsaw.

„Purely private sex” –  the relation of the Art Imperium portal from the exhibition at the LUFCIK DAP OW ZPAP Gallery, July 2015.

Qadrans Qltury and a report from the exhibition of Jacek Mirczak in SH Studio.

Stolica – No. 12 – December 2014. „Places” – Exhibition of paintings.

Miejsca - Jacek Mirczak - Stolica

Stolica – No. 10/11 – October / November 2014.  „Actual state” in Koneser.